A' Design Award & Competition Announces Global Call for Entries: Celebrating World-Class Design Excellence and Innovation

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Monday, February 12, 2024 at 1:44pm UTC

A' Design Award & Competition Announces Global Call for Entries: Celebrating World-Class Design Excellence and Innovation

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The A' Awards Announce Its Call for Entries Across 183 Award Categories, Open to Participants From All Countries, With a 200-Person Jury Panel From 50+ Countries Evaluating the Entries

COMO, Italy, Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The A' Design Award & Competition, revered as one of the most prominent design competitions, is accepting entries for its latest cycle. This prestigious annual juried competition celebrates excellence in design, spanning numerous creative fields and disciplines. The competition pulls together a diverse array of designs from various countries, endeavouring to showcase and honor standout designers worldwide. With a rigorous selection process, the competition is adjudicated by an influential jury panel comprising experienced academics, renowned press members, and established professionals.

The submission process is structured to be fair and comprehensive, upheld by the principle of anonymous judging and blind peer-review process to ensure an unbiased evaluation of all entries. This rigorous process ensures that only the most deserving works of design brilliance are acknowledged. Every entry is meticulously reviewed and voted on by a jury panel exceeding 200 members, deriving from over 50 countries, embodying a truly international appraisal.

Winning the A' Design Award confers not only global recognition but also a multitude of benefits aimed at enhancing the visibility and success of winning designs. The "A' Design Prize" is an extensive winners' package, encompassing an array of promotional, celebratory, and professional tools. Recipients receive an international design excellence certificate, an invitation to an exclusive gala night in Italy, and the opportunity to showcase their projects both online and at offline exhibitions. Additional rewards include a special 3D printed metal award trophy, extensive project translation services to cater to international audiences, an exclusive interview feature, and comprehensive press release distribution, among other prestigious benefits.

The mission of the A' Design Award & Competition extends beyond mere recognition; it serves as a platform to elevate and promote exemplary design work on a global scale. Aimed at fostering a broader understanding and appreciation for high-quality design, the competition strives to encourage designers, companies, and brands around the world to undertake projects that significantly benefit society. Emphasizing creativity, innovation, and efficiency, awarded designs are celebrated for their potential to improve the world. The A' Design Award is organized under 183 design competition categories.

In alignment with its philanthropic objectives, the A' Design Award & Competition is committed to advancing societal progress through the encouragement of groundbreaking ideas in the realms of science, design, creativity, and technology. This initiative not only recognizes but also stimulates original thought and inventiveness across all industrial sectors.

The competition welcomes projects emphasizing innovation, design, technology, and creativity. Reflecting an inclusive approach, entries are invited from designers worldwide to submit their best works, projects, and products designed within the past decade. The annual submission deadline is February 28th, with winners announced each year on April 15.

The A' Design Award & Competition, through its recognition of exceptional design work, plays a crucial role in the promotion of good design practices and principles globally. By providing a platform for the world's most innovative and impactful design projects, the A' Design Award not only celebrates exceptional design talent but also contributes to the wider goal of enhancing societal well-being through design excellence. Designers from every corner of the globe are encouraged to participate and share their visionary projects with the world.

For detailed information, registration, and submission guidelines, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the A' Design Award's official website at https://competition.adesignaward.com/.

Previous award winners and their distinguished works can be viewed at https://www.designer.org.

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